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Hi, I'm Wayne



I'm Wayne Siebert and I am very proud to have had the honor to represent you and your children on the Little Miami School Board for four years.


I'm a graduate of Little Miami and Miami University, a life long resident of Warren County, and a family man with four children and four grandchildren.


Through my work on the Little Miami School Board and decades of Industrial Health and Safety work throughout Southwestern Ohio, I am most proud of our ability to provide a safe and quality education to our children, which in turn prepares them for a successful career and pathway of life.

Little Miami School District is performing well above the state average, even as our community continues to grow rapidly. Little Miami ranks 511 of the 610 Public Schools that educate 1.6 million students.   Safe, quality, and successful achievement in our schools is a key factor in keeping our community vibrant and growing with our property values. 


I believe my skills, training and experience on the School Board and in life will continue our trend upward. If ever there was a time when we need a Board member who will work to keep your child safe, NOW is that time.


I respectfully ask for your vote on November 2nd, 2021.



I work well with past and present board members to complete many successful stories for our children and community. I'm particularly proud of opening the Early Learning Center building on Welch Road, updating and adding on to the Middle, Junior High, and High Schools, and participating in the one-on-one program to get computers into the hands of our 7th and 8th grade students for remote learning when the pandemic struck.


All of these projects were completed on-time and under-budget, even with the challenges presented by the pandemic.



I have completed a State School Board Training program  in School Boards operations and responsibilities.  I have  worked as a General Motors Pro-Trainer and helped keep the workforce up to date in changes in technology and Safety Laws.  


I have the experience of being the Education Representative for over 3,000 employees -- which gave me the know-how to keep our kids, teachers, and community safe so they can learn, grow, and succeed.

I feel that this a time that we need a Little Miami School Board member to promote Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic, with changes in technology, and  with the support of mental health experts.  

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