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Putting My Experience
to Work



I'm asking for your vote and for your support to be your voice on the Little Miami School Board. I am a Home Town Boy who graduated for Little Miami.

I hold a BS Degree form Miami University in Electro-Mechanical Engineering.  I have completed a State Certified Apprenticeship at GM.  I taught for GM as a Pro-Trainer and  serve as  an Educational Representative for 3000 employees.   I have also completed an IT Program at WCCC and received A+ Certification.

Serving on the board for four years, I've made it my mission to complete projects on-time and under-budget.

I've prioritized learning with health and safety of schools to provide a safe and quality education for our children, in-school and remotely.


And I pledge to you that if you vote for me on November 7 2023, that I will work  of your children to receive the best quality education that Little Miami Schools can provide and that your children and our teachers will have a safe and healthy work place while they complete their education.

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